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Making a Difference in Water and Sanitation

There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. It is the basis for our wellbeing, for the development of our countries and the happiness of every family.

Unfortunately, we are facing a global water crisis. People in numerous countries are struggling to access the quantity and quality of water they need for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene, producing their goods and irrigating their fields. Undamped population growth and the side effects of global warming are putting more and more pressure especially on the most vulnerable in our societies. Besides, the alarming collapse of biodiversity in too many countries can be attributed to polluted surface waters, drainage of wetlands, over-exploitation of groundwater and disposal of solid waste into the oceans.

Although progress has been made in making clean drinking water accessible to 2.6 billion people in developing countries from 1990 to 2015, there are still many opportunities to multiply the benefits of clean water through the application of sustainable technologies, training and capacity building, improved sanitation, hygiene education and increased efficiency in public service delivery. Moreover, many of the solutions already at hand today can minimize the effects of global warming – but we have to get started!

Water Solutions South-East Asia Co. ltd. is prepared to make a difference! Our experts have been working in numerous countries, and have been dealing with all kinds of water-related problems...

We are a 100% foreign owned company established under Vietnamese law and working in the fields of water and sanitation. The company is a commercial spin-off from the international NGO “Water Solutions International e.V.” (WSI).

WSS experts are covering a wide range of water-related services, with key staff working for many years in South-East Asia already. Our experts have both been working in numerous donor-financed development aid projects, as well as for private clients.


We provide solutions to environmental and water-related problems


The successful delivery of complex water and sanitation projects over the last years stands proof for our broad experience and competences in technical, institutional and organisational consultancy.

Our services are provided by an international team of engineers, technicians, economists, sociologists and scientists with hands-on expertise in helping you align technology needs with development and business goals. Our experienced project managers can assure a smooth implementation of the agreed tasks.


Our consultancy services cover:

• Urban Stormwater Management / Green Infrastructure

• Decentralized wastewater treatment and sustainable sanitation

• Integrated water resources management and river rehabilitation

• Emergency measures (water related solutions for refugee camps)

• Up-scaling of access to water and sanitation services

• O&M, Training, Benchmarking, Due Diligence

• Organizational development

• Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

• IEC / Community development / Public awareness / Behavior change communication

• Development of Private Sector Participation (PSP) models for public service delivery

• Development of sustainable pro-poor interventions

• Business planning and development for private and public entities

• Public utility development


We offer support and expertise to help the water industry to develop and implement new innovative methods and models that will generate new ideas and realize these into successful products which subsequently improve the water sector.
Our experts have successfully been devloping and testing solutions on decentralised wastewater treatment, stormwater management and CO2 capture.

Project Management

As a project management consultant, we offer advice and support for making your project a success, or for improving the performance of your organisation.
We are experienced in initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing complex projects and in achieving goals and meeting specific success criteria at the specified time. The primary target of our project management services is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints of scope, time, quality and budget.
Our experts are particularly experienced in managing large-scale donor-financed projects that require big teams with experts from numerous professions.

Environmental Worker

Technical solutions in water and sanitation

We assist our clients and partners in identifying those water and sanitation technologies best suited to their different water-related contexts and problems that exist within their area of responsibility. Together we carry out participatory planning processes and define a set of criteria to assist in characterizing each area of intervention to be in a position to identify the most appropriate technical solutions.
We accompany our clients through the entire project cycle by providing services such as design, tendering, construction supervision and operation and maintenance.


Training and
Capacity Building

We believe that individuals can only apply their capabilities if a favorable enabling environment is guaranteed. Our approach to capacity building therefore targets individuals, organizations and institutions alike. Our experts love to share and are experts in transferring knowledge and facilitating change to create the structures, incentives, regulations and financial mechanisms required for sustainability of infrastructure and services.
We have learned that capacity building cannot be narrowed down to trainings and workshops alone. Our approach to  Capacity Building applies a range of  modules such as twinning, pilot and demonstration projects, coaching, study tours, conferences and seminars, on-the-job-trainings and train-the-trainer, knowledge management and many more tailor-made solutions for strengthening the water sector.

Working with communities

Our experts are used to include feedback and concerns from grass-root levels in their daily work, in order to make a difference in water and sanitation on local levels.

Community development in water and sanitation is a process whereby those who are marginalised and excluded from decision-making are enabled to gain self confidence and to join with others. They are encouraged to participate in actions to improve their living conditions and to tackle the water or environmental-related problems that face their community.


Our community work is concerned with the development and empowerment of communities through facilitating the active participation of people in addressing issues that affect them collectively. It can be done in a variety of contexts: in neighborhoods, with specific groups (eg women’s associations, youth organisations), with partnership groups, NGOs, local authorities and state agencies.


Our community experts usually work in teams and liaise closely with local authorities and agencies. They represent the voices and needs of target groups and disadvantaged communities to policy makers at local and national level.



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