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About us

Making a Difference in Water and Sanitation

We are facing a global water and climate crisis. People in many countries are struggling to access the quantity and quality of water they need for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene, producing their goods and irrigating their fields.


And this is where we are coming in with innovative, affordable and tailor-made solutions based on the Water-Energy-Nexus Approach which we deem necessary to design resilient, inherently interlinked systems, from the starting point of planning throughout the entire project cycle and in a holistic manner.

We are translating the Nexus Approach into

  • innovative urban drainage and stormwater management systems,

  • decentralized, energy efficient water supply and wastewater treatment solutions,

  • innovative treatment of wastewater for making it fit for agricultural reuse,

  • the consequent use of nature-based solutions for creating Green Infrastructures, “Sponge Cities” and livable urban centres.


Our experts have been working in numerous countries and have been dealing with all kinds of water-related problems.


Looking at the Water

Consultancy Services

We provide solutions to environmental and water-related problems


The successful delivery of complex water and sanitation projects over the last years stands proof for our broad experience and competences in technical, institutional and organisational consultancy.


Technical Solutions

We assist our clients and partners in identifying those water and sanitation technologies best suited to their different water-related contexts and problems that exist within their area of responsibility.


Training and Capacity Building

We believe that individuals can only apply their capabilities if a favorable enabling environment is guaranteed. Our approach to capacity building therefore targets individuals, organizations and institutions alike.

Asian Town

Working with Communities

Our experts are used to include feedback and concerns from grass-root levels in their daily work in order to make a difference in water and sanitation on local levels.

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Product Development

We offer support and expertise to help the water industry to develop and implement new innovative methods and models that will generate new ideas and realize these into successful products which subsequently improve peoples’ lifes. Our experts have successfully been developing and testing solutions on decentralised wastewater treatment, stormwater management and CO2 capture.


Carbon Capture

Our C3 program offsets and compensates your organisation’s CO2 emissions and at the same time creates additional value for small communities in developing countries. We use decentralised wastewater treatment technologies and bamboo plantations.

We are a Member of

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