You want to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere, forever?


And at the same time achieve various SDG targets?

Our concept “C to the Power of 3” – or C3 in short - can help you do that. It does not require high-tech at all! In our concept, we combine the capture and removal of CO2 with the production of biomass, the protection of forests and free wastewater treatment in rural communities... unique and sustainable!

We invest in projects to compensate for your CO2 emissions and actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. At the same time you are investing in wastewater treatment in developing countries!

Our concept meets 5 Sustainable Development Goals:

#3 Good Health and Well-Being

#6 Clean Water and Sanitation

#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

#13 Climate Action

#15 Life on Land (Biodiversity)


Our Approach

  • Compensates commercial and private CO2 emissions through sustainable and long-lasting measures with a high direct effect. Afforestation and/or reforestation measures are part of the concept, creating forest coverage and improved biodiversity!

  • Treats wastewater from previously unserved communities in developing countries, thereby achieving a significant impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goals 6 and 13.

  • Avoids CO2 emissions by treating wastewater where it is most needed, in a natural way that does not require electric power

  • With us you invest DIRECTLY into our self-developed and implemented projects

  • We generate and provide carbon credits.

How it works

We combine wastewater treatment with carbon capture and storage. The wastewater will be treated in a constructed wetland. The effluent will be used for the irrigation of a bamboo plantation, where the carbon capture takes place.

The bamboo will be harvested regularly and removed from the biosphere.

How it works.png

Where does the CO2 go?

Using photosynthesis, plants convert atmospheric CO2 into biomass. Once the plants die off they will be decomposed through microbiological activities and the captured carbon will be released again as CO2 (carbon cycle).

The C3 process disrupts this cycle. Instead, the produced biomass is converted into a form that is stable for long-term storage.


What sets us apart?

CO2 removal from the Biosphere - Forever!

Unlike tree planting or reforestation projects, carbon captured in our bamboo plantations will be removed from the biosphere… forever!

To this end, the chopped bamboo will be used for mine pit refilling or turned into Biochar and Terra Preta.

  • Biochar is one of the most efficient ways of storing CO2 (carbon) long-term. As long as charcoal is not incinerated it serves as a stable carbon sink for thousands of years, ensuring that CO2 will not be released again.

  • Terra Preta is a mixture of charcoal, microbial life, soil and organic matter. The combination is preferably used in agriculture. It accumulates nutrients, minerals and microorganisms and withstands leaching.

  • Terra Preta cannot be incinerated and hence acts as a long-term carbon sink

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