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The water:hub South-East Asia is going to be launched on 1st of June!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Good news for international companies wishing to enter the South-East Asian water market: The water:hub is going to be launched on 1st of June!

Do you want to expand your business to South-East Asia, but you have little experience in this region?

Let the water:hub support you in establishing your new business. With a team of national and international experts, experienced consultants, we will help you with market research, create tailor-made business strategies and connect you with potential clients as well as other members of the water:hub.

The water:hub will be managed by Water Solutions South-East Asia Co. ltd.

Our mission is to facilitate international and Vietnamese companies to develop and grow their businesses in the region by providing in-depth information about the regional water market and facilitating project development and management activities.

Have a look at the water:hub website and start your business journey into South-East Asia with us!

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