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Strengthening Provincial Health Systems in Vietnam

Services provided: Design and tender preparations for 25 hospital wastewater treatment plants in 5 Vietnamese provinces; Team Leading, technical expertise, construction supervision.

Client: GOPA Infra GmbH
Location: Hanoi, Yen Bai, Thanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Thai Binh and Nghe An Province
Funding: KfW (German Development Bank)
Execution period: 2018 - 2024

Rural Water Supply and Arsenic Removal in Vinh Phuc

Services provided: Feasibility study and project management

Client: Harbauer GmbH
Location: Vinh Phuc Province / Vietnam
Funding: private investor
Execution period: 2019


Carbon Capture and Sequestration by Bamboo Wastewater Treatment Plant

Services provided: Design and implementation of the rehabilitation and extension of an existing decentralised wastewater treatment plant

Client: Water Solutions International e.V.
Location: Soc Trang Province / Vietnam
Funding: CO2-Compensation Fund
Execution period: 2019 to 2022

Product Development and Test Bedding of an Innovative Decentralised Urban Water Treatment System (SEWTREE)

Services provided: Concept development, design, engineering, construction and construction supervision, monitoring and evaluation, reporting

Client: ATB Water GmbH
Location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
Funding: private investor
Execution period: 2019


Improvement of Wastewater Disposal and Solid Waste Management in Provincial Towns, KfW North II Program 

Services provided: Preparation and delivery of comprehensive training courses on wastewater management

Client: Tractebel GKW GmbH

Location: Son La, Lang Son, Hoa Binh / Vietnam
Funding: KfW (German Development Bank)
Execution period: 2020 to date

Water Audit for an Industrial Facility​

Services provided: Water Audit based on comprehensive data collection and evaluation, calculations, establishment of Key Performance Indicators; recommendations for improved water management including stormwater management and water reuse.

Client: RKW Vietnam ltd.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2020


CO2 Compensation for Tobacco production ​

Services provided: CO2 offset solution combining bamboo

plantation and waste water treatment. 

Client: JTI Vietnam

Location: Thanh Hoa / Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2020

Constructed Wetland for Post-treatment

Services provided: Technical advice and recommendations on design and construction

Client: VORTEX Water Engineering / Georgian Water Systems LLC

Location: Georgia
Funding: private

Execution period: 2021


Carbon Capture and Wastewater Reuse

Services provided: Consultancy on the implementation of a carbon capture and storage project in conjunction with industrial wastewater reuse for irrigation

Client: TransAsia TanTec Ltd

Location: Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: May  - June 2021

Vocational Training in Wastewater Management

Services provided: Project management and implementation support to the "Reforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training Program" in Viet Nam's wastewater management.    

Client: GOPA Worldwide Consultants 

Location: Vietnam
Funding: GIZ
Execution period: 2021- 2023

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Waste Water Treatment in Plastic Recycling Facility​ (100 m³/day)


Services provided: Preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation, contract negotiations, supervision of implementation, training of operators

Client: RKW Vietnam ltd.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2021

Identifying and Testing of Interventions to Improve Household Connections to Central Wastewater Treatment Systems in Provincial Centres


Services provided: Support project implementation by liaising with stakeholders in the Vietnamese wastewater sector; provision of technical expertise; technical input into the design of interventions.

Client: C4ED | Center for Evaluation and Development

Location: Lang Son, Son La, Tra Vinh and Soc Trang City, Vietnam
Funding: KfW (German Development Bank)
Execution period: 2021 - 2023


Due Diligence of Technical and Operational Aspects of the Binh Duong Water - Environment Joint Stock Company

Services provided: Assessment of BIWASE's technical and operational performances; risk analysis; recommendations

Client: Binh Duong Water - Environment Joint Stock Company (BIWASE)

Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
Funding: DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsges. mbH
Execution period: 2021

Regional training on Waste Water Treatment for Reuse

Services provided: Elaboration and delivery of a training course on decentralised wastewater management and reuse

Client: GOPA Infra GmbH

Location: MENA Region
Funding: European Union
Execution period: 2022

animation Lake 3.jpeg

Surface Water Improvement for Sustainable Development in Bau Bang Area

Services provided: Elaboration of a conceptual study on the potentials and costs for Nature-Based Solutions and Blue-Green Infrastructure to be applied in Bau Bang Industrial Park


Location: Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2022

Technical and Operational Support on Wastewater Treatment for a Hospital in Danang City

Services provided: Technical and operational due diligence, Rehabilitation concept incl. conceptual design, O&M Training Needs Assessment, Preparation of comprehensive training materials, Delivery of training sessions, Training evaluation & reporting

Client: Private

Location: Danang City, Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2023


WASH Need Assessment in Duc Hoa Community 

Services provided: Develop the assessment plan and methodology, including sampling selection and design the questionnaires for focus groups and individual interviewees, liaison with local authorities for securing the administration support for the assessment, conduct the assessment and compilation of assessment report.

Client: WWF Vietnam

Location: Long An Province, Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2023

Aquaponic System for CONCORDIA International School

Services provided: Development of a concept for the establishment of a state-of-the-art Aquaponic System including basic design, engineering, cost estimation and procurement support.

Client: CONCORDIA International School

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Funding: Private
Execution period: 2023

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